“The main goal of the e-Residency program is to make life and business significantly easier for freelancers, digital nomads, business owners, international partners, and any other non-resident who has a relation to Estonia. Whether you want to start a business, expand your business, make investments, or study in the European Union, Estonian e-Residency makes it possible — and simple.”


A quick introduction to e-residency


With e-Residency you can:

  • Establish and run a company online
  • Conduct your banking online (e.g. make electronic bank transfers)
  • Have access to international payment service providers
  • Digitally sign documents (e.g. annual reports, contracts) within the company as well as with external partners
  • Verify the authenticity of signed documents
  • Encrypt and transmit documents securely
  • Declare taxes online


Spoiler! It doesn’t let you:

  • Become an Estonian resident / citizen
  • Become an EU resident / citizen
  • Evade tax in your tax-residency country
  • Travel freely to EU/Estonia


Other benefits:

  • Very low administrative burden
  • Simple tax system
    • 0% corporation tax
    • 20% income tax
  • A euro-currency or multi-currency bank account
  • More trust due to incorporating in a EU state
  • Access to more online services such as PayPal
  • Modern banking that can be managed remotely
  • You specifically want a business in Estonia
  • Save time and money by using government software


How to apply:

  1. Go to https://apply.e-estonia.com. Complete the application form and pay the €100 e-Residency state fee.
  2. You’ll need to wait about 10-20 business days for the background check to be completed.
  3. After you verify your identity at the pickup location(1 of 39 wordwide), you’ll get an e-Resident starter kit which contains your digital ID card and a smart card reader.

Initially, the application process took a few months, my application took 20 days.


Reasons I (seriously) considered it and applied:

  • Insight into one of the most advanced and forward-thinking financial sectors, government, and administration in the world
  • Set up a European-based company
  • Tax efficiency & savings
  • Completely remote operation and administration



An example of your e-Residency card and card reader

source: https://e-estonia.com/e-residents/press-kit/


Some really cool data on e-Residency:

The Estonian e-Residency program has put together a really slick and insightful dashboard which can quickly give you insights into various aspects of the program.

To find out how many people have applied from your country, the age break-down or e-Residents and much more click the link below

e-Residency data dashboard


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Author: Chris Muller

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