Rise of the blog

It all started back in 1994 when Justin Hall posted arguably the first curated digital content on links.net.

In 2004 Blog was declared word-of-the-year by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

At the time there were 1 million active blogs and the first video blogs started appearing. By 2010 there were over 150 million blogs, and today there are over 2 million posts per day.


Blogs are certainly not new, exciting and up-and-coming. But it was the first label we gave to curated digital content.

Today digital content comes in many familiar shapes and forms:

  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter tweets
  • Reddit articles
  • YouTube videos
  • Soundcloud streams
  • Snapchat shares
  • Instagram pictures
  • The list goes on…


There are numerous reasons why people choose to create and share these many forms of digital content, but why should you consider it in 2017?

After overcoming initial opposition to the idea here are 5 reasons why I have chosen to actively create and share content:


1 Value

Digital content can be boring, narcissistic, irrelevant and all-together a waste of time. On the other hand, it can be interesting, up-to-date, and valuable.

We are all making mistakes, achieving success and learning from both every day. Rather than sharing a snap of your latest cup of coffee you have the potential to add some value to your audience, and the internet will be a better place if you do.


2 Sharing

I don’t have a platform I can share my interests, learnings and experiences to a wider audience. There is so much to share with (and learn from) others, and it is valuable to actively do so.

You can ask Google anything, but they did not create any of the answers. This only possible because of the millions and millions of people sharing.


3 Showcase

When you are interested in a company, person or product what is the first thing you do? You find them on the internet, and immediately judge them on what you find.

Having an accessible and personalized public profile allows you to directly influence how people perceive you. Whether it’s work-related or personal this is increasingly important.


4 Accountability

Creating content is hard enough, creating good content is a serious challenge. Putting yourself out there in the public domain forces you to think critically and allow you to learn and grow through accountability, even if your audience is your mom (Thanks mom 🙂 ).


5 Record

When you went to that conference last year and the Speaker gave life-changing advice you cannot remember, or you can’t recall when exactly you launched your fledgling start-ups first product.

Digital content is your 21st century diary – a helpful archive of memories and experiences to look back on, reflect and re-post.


Being a web developer, a personalised website is my preferred platform for sharing digital content for reasons that may be unique to me. However, the reasons given above can be relevant to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat.

I encourage you to think critically about the content you create, the platform(s) you choose to share it on and how it is serving you and your audience.

Go forth and create!


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Author: Chris Muller

Chris Muller is a self-starter who is passionate about tech, travel, learning and going off the beaten track. Co-founding Pango (a tech-focussed business accelerator) and his role as CTO for AdvantageLearn.com (an online education company) fuel these passions. Otherwise you’ll find him running in the mountains, practicing yoga or sharing a beer with friends.

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